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        The TMSO purposes to glorify God with the gift of music which He gave us, by performing music which reflects His character of holiness, truth, beauty, and perfection. The Troy Metro Symphony Orchestra is comprised of more than fifty talented and passionate musicians, each committed to the propagation of outstanding and attainable musical art in the Troy and Detroit metro areas. While many of these musicians are local, many others travel a great distance to be a part of the ensemble. This orchestra is truly unique in the metro area due to its dual commitments to the sacred and the classical arts; furthermore, it possesses a warm and vibrant personality, which shines through in every performance.If you have any questions about upcoming performances or to inquire about supporting the Orchestra, please fill out the form below. Thank you.


The Troy Metro Symphony, a volunteer community orchestra, is relentlessly recruiting talented and committed individuals who are interested in joining our ensemble! Prospective musicians should fill out the form on this page, which will be sent to our Personnel Manager. We look forward to hearing from you!

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