The TMSO Brass Quintet was founded officially in 2020 at the height of the pandemic; however, the tradition and members first started more than 10 years ago when we were the Orion Chamber Music Society. We enjoy playing classical and sacred quintet arrangements spanning the ranges of composers and arrangers. 

Austin Flowers - trumpet

Austin started playing the trumpet in the 4th grade while first taking lessons with his dad.  Of course, his true music education started with his mother's teaching while only in kindergarten on the piano. That quickly snowballed into a passion that surpassed even his Dad's own as he started to teach himself, until the 9th grade when he was able to be taught by Pastor Steve Allen. This marked the beginning of a new era of performance and musicality that he cherishes. Learning music of this quality and caliber at Bethany Christian School allowed him to excel far more than anticipated.


It is this great beginning and foundation that ultimately set him up for success as he continued to grow his skills throughout college at Eastern Michigan University, playing with their University Orchestra as Assistant Principal trumpet under Dr. Kevin Miller. He was also privileged to have teachers such as Vincent Penzarella of the Julliard School.


After college, he continued to perform as the Principal Trumpet of the Lapeer Symphony Orchestra till 2016, the Principal Trumpet of the Orion Chamber Music Society Symphony till it was rebranded the TMSO in 2016, the Principal Trumpet of the Michigan Chamber Orchestra till 2020, Lead trumpet for the Woodward Avenue Jazz Orchestra till 2016, section solo cornet in the Motor City Brass Band till 2018, trumpet soloist with White Pines Entertainment performing both classical and sacred venues across the state. 

Austin enjoys performing with the TMSO quintet throughout MI and also performing for the local churches in the area, using his talents for God's glory and the edification of each congregation we perform for. 

Joe Robertson - trumpet

Joe started playing trumpet in 4th grade when his father gifted him a 1943 Martin Committee Deluxe Model trumpet that he found in a pawn shop in Pontiac, Michigan. He went to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Interlochen while he was in Junior High School and High School and had the opportunity to play under Leonard Falcone and William Revelli. He was fortunate to have Al Belknap from the DSO for trumpet lessons.

Craig Strain was his High School band director. Craig would bring the Brookside Jazz Ensemble book to school, so the high school jazz band had excellent charts to play. After college, he joined the Troy Symphony Orchestra (now Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra) and played there for 22 years until he had a chance to play in the Big Band Express with his father.

Joe Robertson has played in the Motor City Brass Band for 25 years. He plays Repiano Cornet, a solo part that sits in the back row next to the Soprano Cornet. This important part may double any voice in the band, most often working together with the Solo Cornet row or the Soprano.

He recently retired from dentistry and looks forward to learning more about music theory. He enjoys the camaraderie and level of musicianship he has found in MCBB.

Ross Harmon - horn


Paul Yee - trombone

Music has been a major part of Paul Yee’s life, ever since he started playing the trombone in 5th grade. “I studied music at the University of Michigan, and while I was a “pretty good” trombone player, I realized it would be difficult to make a living as a professional musician.”

Reluctantly, Paul stopped playing, but wanting to stay in the field of music, he started working for the Harmony House Records & Tapes chain, and before he knew it, music retail became a career. “After 25 wonderfully musical years at Harmony House, I spent the next 9+ years doing similar work, managing the music shops for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.”

It was during Paul’s time with the DSO that he started playing trombone again, after a 33-year hiatus. “I’m making up for lost time by playing with the talented MCBB, six other local ensembles, and anybody else who needs a trombone player!” Paul plans to keep playing as long as he can fill his lungs with air. Besides music, Paul’s hobbies are Michigan/Detroit sports teams and his 2 grandchildren!

Melanie Hutchings - tuba